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Business-to-business (B2B) marketing communications is the integrated strategic conversation between two companies – typically the client communications to their customers (external communications); or the client communication to their staff (internal communications).

Effective business-to-business marketing communications is about building relationships.

Web>Effective B2B marketing communications has to be fully integrated and multi-channel communications – bringing together the brand, logo, text, graphics, video, corporate, digital, website, printed, public relations, stationery, signage, etc – every aspect of business communications your customers come into contact with.

Executed efficiently, marketing communications is the most powerful influencer, business generator and CTAs tool of the marketing mix. In my opinion, every aspect of the business marketing and sales mix relates to ‘communications’ – that is how you communicate , describe and portray the brand, logo, products, services, sales literature, website, etc.

marketing communications is a way of looking at the whole marketing process from the view point of the customer.. Philip Kotler

To be an effective successful marketing communicator you need to fully understand your target audiences who typically are customers, stakeholders, buyers, technicians, senior and middle management, finance directors, members, readers, and many more applicable to the type business. Some clients are not even aware who their target audience is.

You need to have the experience and skills to develop the right approach, style, language, design to be accepted and approved to influence a reaction, response, action. Get your marketing communications right and the results can exceed expectation. Get your marketing communications wrong and the adverse effects of miscommunication can be costly and very time consuming to rectify.

With the experience of working with over 150 UK and overseas B2B companies and clients from PLCs to SMEs I have developed a specialist insight and understanding of every aspect of a company’s marketing communications.

Clients can begin with a marketing communications audit where I can research and analysing how your business and brand communications and relates to your customers and target audiences – what you can do strengthen and improve those communications. Clients are surprised what such an audit reveals and how useful this report is to their business.

“I never would have believed a new brand and new website could have so much positive impact on our business.” …M. Griffin, MD, Sussex Blast Cleaning Ltd

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