Brand Credibility


brand-confidenceBrand credibility and brand confidence is – in my professional opinion – essential for building sales, building a business and for marketing success.

Without brand credibility, customers would not have the confidence or the trust to convert from visitors or/and interested to convert to become purchasers/customers.

This is especially so in launching new companies, new brands, new services and new products where nobody knows your company or brand. This process of achieving brand confidence is also about brand relationship, brand conversation dealt with separately.

The brand credibility process for building business –
  • Contact – requires a contact list
  • Engage, connect – introduction
  • Inform – what you do, what you are offering
  • Influence – key to success – that you can do what you say
  • Convert – sales lead opportunity to convert from interest to customer

Mayer_110210-0241My cost effective strategy to achieve brand confidence and brand credibility is a proven strategy for launching new SMEs.