A: I work however best suits your business, your key objectives, your budget and your timescale. I can work on a project, campaign, set fee, retainer. Once we meet and discuss your business goals we can work towards a means of working together.


A: Quite simply you will be paying for my time + any work related expenses such as travel, print, etc. All work is quoted and detailed in a proposal for your approval. All expenses and disbursements are agreed beforehand so there are no surprises. If you have a set budget then I can try my best to work to your budget tailoring the work to fit the business objectives.


A: My terms are generally 50% full payment on approval of marketing proposal with 50% paid balance paid on completion for new clients – and thereafter 30 days full payment on reciept of invoice date unless otherwise agreed beforehand. Agreed staged payments may also be applicable according to the nature of the project or campaign. Terms are detailed, discussed and agreed beforehand.


A: You are always in contact and control of your marketing activities throughout by regular contact reports sent by email. Contact reports follow meetings or at any stage of agreed work and costs – to confirm everything was understood correctly – for your future reference – to allow opportunities to amend anything before it happens resulting in costly error – for peace of mind.