Freesource Energy – Business Development Strategy

Freesource Energy – Business Development Strategy

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freesource-energy-logoBUSINESS DEVELOPMENT CASE STUDY :I worked with Freesource Energy as they was a fast growing green energy company based just outside the UK green capital Bristol. The company has since been bought-out and I ceased working with Freesource Energy as they continued to grow they appointed a full time in-house marketing manager.

During my tenure I worked alongside the managing director and key senior directors, shareholders and managers to develop the brand, marketing and PR. Freesource Energy operated across an increasingly competitive and aggressive market sector of green energy where the boundaries were in constant change from changing economic, environmental and political protocols and legislation.

To make matters more challenging Freesource Energy operated across both B2B and B2C sectors including business, agricultural, commercial, construction and domestic demographic sectors.


freesource-energy1With the company already trading for a few years and requiring direction my first requirement was a complete marketing communications audit to ascertain where the company has been, where they are now and where they need to be, together with SWOT analysis. This work and audit involves a great deal of research, surveying and analysis before you have enough information for planning. As they say… ‘if you don’t know where your going, your likely to end up someplace else.’

freesource-energy1With such a diverse operation across diverse ranges of sectors and activities I devised a fully integrated marketing communications strategy was required. Not only would this approach vastly improve the communications for the company but also deliver improved performance and ROI. I implemented my IMPS marketing planner systemacross the company management team.

I instigated a broad range of PR collateral including press bulletins, case studies and articles with leading business, domestic and agricultural media. We hade a feature supplement in a series of regional agricultural magazines. The PR material was also utilised at press lounges and trade shows, social media and blogs.

For cost effectiveness the strategy was a PR-led strategy with keynote events, radio interviews, case studies, social media, networking, workshops, seminars, articles, features sponsorship, trade shows and more.

In the process or campaign management and market research I identified a key marketing opportunity for the company. I orchestrated a strategic alliance between the company’s solar PV division and a major agricultural buildings manufacturer whereby anyone purchasing a building – usually quite large buildings for storage and undercover animal management – has the option to have solar energy panels installed not only to reap the benefits of free electricity for themselves but also generating FiT gains to offset the cost of the building purchase. Essentially the FiT would generate enough income so the building is free.

Summary : The marketing communications effectively strengthened the brand communications across the entire Freesource Energy marketing. The campaign effectively took the brand to a higher level. With a stronger brand identity and marketing communications so the company was tendering and winning high level projects as well as more successful consumer and commercial projects.

A marketing communications audit is typically perceived by clients as possibly not really relevant. After all they have an in-depth experience and understanding of the business.. wrong!. They have an inside perspective and an outside perspective usually discovers many aspects of the business external as well internal communication and other aspects of the exchange of information across the company they were not aware of. Two such clients come to mind.

One client told me they did not require a marcoms audit. The company were already recording hundreds of website hits a day so the website for working well. I then reported the hundreds of hits did not enter the website but were merely recorded landing on the home page and then leaving. Very few actually entered the website and I was able to explain why and how this could be rectified. The decided a marcoms audit would be a good investment.

Another client in air traffic control systems at an important stage of the business development commissioned me to conduct a marketing communications audit. Not only did the audit report many useful points but crucially how this company, dependent on the internal close communication and exchange of information for product development and customer support was badly failing. As this growing company was relocating I was able to show how to improve the internal communications situation they would need an open plan single level office layout rather then on multiple floors to improve internal communications and exchange of information.

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