ICS-Triplex – global launch strategy

ICS-Triplex – global launch strategy

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icstriplex_logoOverview : ICS-Triplex is a £1.6bn high technology and engineering group developing safety systems with plants in the UK/USA operating across the global the oil and gas, marine and offshore markets. ICS-Triplex was a PLC group in a major global market against the world’s biggest engineering and technology brands – ABB, Rockwell, Siemens, etc

ICS-Triplex client was launching their next generation product – a control and safety system named Trusted. Following my successful (inspired) stage management of the ICS-Triplex sponsored ‘World Safety Congress Conference (London)’ I was asked to provide a cost efficient global launch strategy for Trusted.

Rationale : The client invited their marketing, PR and advertising agencies to pitch for the launch strategy business but each returned with high cost marketing strategies very similar in ‘text-book’ approach to each other. The calculated ROI for the ICS-Triplex and risk of minimal success in the market to develop sales was unacceptable.

Strategy : World processing of oil, gas, chemicals (etc) at that time were increasingly controlled by control systems involving microprocessors and complex software with a tendency to fail. Back-up systems also failed and worldwide catastrophes occurred. World governing health and safety bodies demanded more control safety to the technology developers of the control systems. Their response was to ‘bolt on independent’ safety systems to the control systems to become control + safety systems.

trusted safety control systemICS-Triplex is a renowned safety systems technology company so their position was to bolt-on a control system to their system to enhance safer processing. The difference with the ICS-Triplex Trusted system was this was not a bolt-on solution but a fully integrated ‘safety control system’. This key USP was overlooked by the client agencies and client themselves as a key USP to go to market.

Solution : I devised a cost efficient worldwide PR-led B2B marketing communications launch strategy focusing on the ICS-Triplex Trusted ‘safety control system’ being much more safer than any ‘bolt-on control and safety system’ from ICS-Triplex’s major competitor systems. This positioning enabled ICS-Triplex to stand apart from their rivals and compete much more cost effectively then by more conventional (text book) marketing routes to market.

We went to market not as ‘control+safety system’ but as a safety control system from a safety systems specialist company presenting a much ‘safer’ prospect to customers than other systems could offer giving ICS-Triplex a significant competitive advantage in the market.

Summary : The key to success was in my research and understanding of the technology together with my awareness of the current business environment, market as well as political and industrial climate at that time.

I worked closely with the client for 2 years between sales and technical divisions to implement and drive the strategy and communications across the various media including trade channels, trade shows, sales literature, AV, advertising and sponsorship – a double-decker bus co-sponsored by UK trade health and safety council on tour to key industrial locations promoting greater industrial safety and endorsing the Trusted safety control system.


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