Market Research

Market Research

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If you don’t know where you’re going, you’re likely to end up someplace else..

I firmly believe market research, study, survey and planning is the bedrock of any successful marketing strategy and marketing campaign. Asking the right questions to get the right answers.

When was the last time you conducted market research for your business? Have you ever conducted any research? For most business owner, the last time they did any research was for the business plan and raising finance.

You would be surprised how many times clients have thought research is an unnecessary time consuming/unnecessary cost. After all they know their business. The clients who agree most times discover vital valuable – sometimes game changing – facts and information about their business they was not previously aware of.

Why is market research so successful? Another reason is largely because business owners are looking out from inside their business. They work largely on presumptions rather than fact. I am able to look at their business from the outside inwards, from all angles and every perspective. Together – from inside and outside only can we get a FULL story of the business.

I can offer a full range of market research services individually tailored to your particular requirements, brief, market sector(s), target audiences, etc.

  • Research techniques include:

Qualitative, and quantitative methodologies

Face to face interviews

Focus groups

Paper based postal questionnaires

Web based surveys

Telephone research

  • Typical research subjects include:

New product/service research

Customer satisfaction surveys

Consumer panels

Staff surveys

Market dynamics

Competitor Research

Market research needs to be carefully considered before it is undertaken, and this is where I can really add value to the process.The design of a market research project must be undertaken within a carefully considered strategic framework, and as such a rigorous definition of the objectives of the research will always be performed before any research is undertaken.

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