Marketing Projects

Marketing Projects

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2 Whatever the marketing campaign, 12 month marketing programme or marketing project, we are perfectly placed with the right resources to work together. Whatever the business marketing requirement or marketing budget – we can make good things happen for your business success.

A currently and efficient implementation of the marketing plan involves every aspect of your brand, communications, media and marketing tools to ensure a coherent message, image and perception to your target audience and customers. Such implementation communicates vital ‘brand confidence’ and ‘brand credibility’. Specialists in B2B marketing communications we will ensure you connect, engage and influence effectively.

Before embarking on marketing implementation, our agreed marketing plan details every activity and every cost with deadlines for delivery schedule of the required marketing and media.

Marketing Integration – Integrating the various marketing activities into one camapign so they are working together to the target audience(s) is proven to strengthen the campaign message and significantly increase marketing performance and productivity rather than operating independantly.

Contact Reports – To ensure we each understand what is happening and what is required we provide you with contact reports confirming everything agreed including costs and delivery from both parties. These reports also? act as a reference and safety net to reduce any risk of error with the opportunity to question and remedy any misunderstandings beforehand.

Detailed Quotations, Invoices and Proposals – Ensuring we each understand everything agreed in meetings and in communication we detail everything. There is complete clarity with no surprises. The biggest cause of client-consultant-agency breakdown in relations is misunderstanding over cost. Our system properly communicates everything to radically minimise any such misunderstandings.

IMPS Planner System – As detailed, the Weston Marketing planner system allows us to work together to devise the best and cost efficient means to realise your goals and business targets across the entire year. The IMPS acts as your marketing blueprint providing many benefits, savings and control features. What it happening – when it is happening – what is required from each party – cost – what is not happening – opportunities – reference – checklist.


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