Marketing Services

Marketing Services

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3 Strategic Marketing; Marketing Communications; Public Relations; Copywriting; Offline/Online Media; Brand; Website; Advertising; Graphic Design; Print; Exhibitions/Trade Shows; Sales; Business Development –offering a full range of marketing and business support services.

We treat each required client marketing spend and marketing budget as if this was our own money. In agreement of the marketing strategy there can be no marketing cost – only ‘marketing budget’ and ‘marketing investment’ to bring the required benefits, savings, profits, customers, sales leads and improvements to the business.

IMPS – Integrated Marketing Planner System

We work with you to devise our Integrated Marketing Planner System (IMPS) – our own system of marketing planning, management, control and accountability –

  • Marketing Integration – every marketing activity working together in a single campaign brings a stronger, more productive and increased performing marketing support for you.
  • Marketing Prioritisation – prioritised marketing support you must do; marketing you should do; marketing it would be good to do, if we have the budget and resources – ensuring focused targeted marketing.
  • Marketing Control– at a glance you see everything forthcoming, happening and required for the marketing programme across 12 months.
  • Marketing Management – a flexible approach of marketing management and control working from your marketing blueprint that is IMPS.
  • Marketing Accountability – the marketing year divided into months and quarters by activity providing milestones to reflect and review response and ROI, making any required changes, at the same time planning the next marketing quarter

It is as important for us as important for you to realise the benefits, savings and return on the right marketing investment (ROI). The process starts with the right market research and planning to devise the right marketing strategy.

By implementing best marketing accountability practice so we demonstrate our worth and value to you – so we develop close long working relationships based on trust and for your business – a win-win situation.


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