Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

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1 In an increasingly competitive, aggressive and constantly changing business environment, only working with the right people with the right experience and skills will equip your business with the?right strategy and direction – your blueprint to business sales and marketing success.


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To quote the adage “if you don’t know where your going, you’ll end up someplace else”. In a continually changing business and marketing? environment it is essential (vital) to conduct market research, to plan, to create a structured marketing strategy that is your blueprint to realising the needs and key objectives for business improvement and success.

The first golden rule of all marketing is the understanding of what your customers want and then how you can accommodate your business to fulfill those customer needs. This is a golen rule of marketing successful business that never changes – but those customer needs, perceptions and expectations do change – constantly in a constantly changing world.

Do not ‘presume’ you know what customers want – Do not ‘presume’ you are meeting and fulfilling those customer needs. Marketing research, study, analysis, survey and planning is key to devising the right marketing strategy. We can conduct the SWOT analysis of the business and undertake other research including focus testing in order to assertain the right strategy and marketing plan.

All my marketing strategy is created on a solid bedrock of initial research and information gleaned from various quarters to ensure the direction and client strategy is ‘rock solid’ based on facts – not presumptions. There are various other criteria we can look at on an individual basis depending on whether the business is new, established, ready to take the next step in development, reposition in the market, launch a new product/service.. and more.

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