MicroNav – brand audit and global launch strategy

MicroNav – brand audit and global launch strategy

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MICRONAV – brand audit, marketing communications audit, global launch strategy, 2012

Micro-NavOverview : MicroNav is a world leader in the development of air traffic control (ATC) defence (ATD) simulators and training systems since 1988. With year-on-year growth in a highly competitive market sector, MicroNav needed to re-evaluate company marketing and brand communications to ensure effective portrayal as a market leader and authority.

Audit – The company was in the development of a crucial next generation ATC/ATD system for launch in three years time. The company therefore needed to evaluate the company’s brand and communications in readiness for the launch and for creation of a global launch strategy. A B2B marketing communications specialist I was commissioned to conduct the group brand and communications audit.

Strategy – Having completed the successful MicroNava brand evaluation, communications audit and report to the board, I was further commissioned to devise a global product launch strategy for MicroNav in collaboration with the sales and marketing director.

Audit solution – (An NDA prevents me from detailing too much about this case study).

The brand and communications audit was the result of 4 weeks research into every aspect of the company operation, past/present marcoms, surveys – the DNA of how the company operates and portrays itself to its customers.

The audit revealed many important points regarding MicroNav external communications but also internally. The company was considering relocation to bigger office premises. The manner in which the company currently communicated internally was crucially deficient in key areas. For instance the company’s technical R&D department was on a different floor and offices to the sales and marketing department yet these departments needed to work and collaborate closely. Other MicroNav departments also needed to collaborate and work closely yet were situated on separate floors and rooms. This situation was not appropriate to a business needing to work closely together in the sharing of essential information, resources and facilities to a common aim.

Strategy solution – The launch strategy for MicroNav was particularly challenging to devise as the product was in the early stages of development so any strategy had to be planned for three years ahead. My plan was to initiate a plan that can be revisited each year to refine as the product in development became defined and key USPs emerged that could effect the strategy and communications strategy. A current NDA prevents me revealing the strategy but in planning the MicroNav strategy this required extensive research and surveying to determine where the company are now and where they needed to be.

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