The Biggest Impact on Marketing

The biggest impact on marketing is TIME.

The effect of time on marketing has been evident (to me) for the past 20 years and is increasingly impacting customers and target audience behaviour and how people react to marketing, advertising, sales messages, website.. and just about everything concerned with sales and marketing today.

timesaving-03_400x400Why…? Look around you. Everywhere we see evidence of ‘time saving’ and ‘convenience’ in our lives as our working day and our lifestyles become ever more hectic and demanding on us. We deseprately need more time.. so the last thing you want is a text-heavy brochure, website, advertisement (etc) looking at you demanding to be trudged through to find the ‘interesting bits’.. the uselful bits.

Who wants to locate and delve into tomes of directories and catalogues, maps and books to find what we want when in a few clicks we have it all at our fingertips today using the internet and any number of handheld mobile devices.

We are increasingly eating conveniently with ready-made meals, home delivery, eating out and the like so much that new build homes and even caravans have done away with kitchens altogether. Look around us everywhere and you see numerous other examples of ‘time saving’ devices and technology – mobile phones, sat-nav, wifi, smart watches… the list goes on.

Today we see increasing moves to visual communication away from text/written communication – or at least formatted and laid out in such a way that the information we need (and needs to be seen) is easily located for reading. This is especially key to success in PR, advertising, graphic design, websites…

Visual communication is essentially photos, graphics, video, brand, headings, signage, navigation… even audio plays a big part in readily identification and location, message building, sales and marketing (ie TV advert jingles and the like).

Mayer_110210-0241Starting my career out as a graphic designer on an experimental graphics communication course – expanding into the agencies with account management and public relations – then into sales and marketing consultancy – over the years I have studied and seen the effect of time for efficient marketing communications for clients – and the results that ‘time saving’ advertising, design and marketing can play in achieving key objectives, increased sales, more exhibibition stand visitors and more customers.