Werner Electric GmbH – Business transformation

Werner Electric GmbH – Business transformation

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werner-electric-logoOverviewWerner Electric GmbH is the world leading German manufacturer of over 40,000 electrical components over 40 product groups with sales offices and product distribution across the world. The company had an autonomous sales office and distribution network open in India – Werner Electric India PVT LTD.

The company in India opened with sales offices, distributors and sales teams is Delhi, Mysore (head office), Mumbai, Bangalore, Ciombatore. In a highly competitive industrial market sector the new business was struggling agaisnt fierce overseas rivals for new customers and new sales despite sales and marketing support from Germany. The struggling company and business faced threat of closure

Rationale – The Managing Director contacted me to identify the problems and to make improvements and I was appointed (p/t) Sales & Marketing Director –

  1. Quickly identifying various sales personnel problems replacing those unproductive sales team members sourcing more experienced senior sales managers and sales managers, training and managing I frequently visited the teams in India,
  2. I was accompanying sales managers on business tours and presentations,
  3. I revised advertising, marketing and PR,
  4. I stage managed all trade shows,
  5. I monitored, motivated, inspired, incentivised and managed the sale teams and senior sales managers locally and remotely from the UK.
  6. Included in the business revamp was training for the MD and administration staff to improve product deliveries to customers, as well as deliver of product samples, technical support, sales literature, etc.

Result– Within 12 months the business was transformed with upward growth and expansion. At a leading automation exhibition in Mumbai I transformed sales leads typically from 30-50 sales leads over a 3-day event to over 250 sales leads, new distributors and significant press lounge opportunities over the same 3-day event.

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