What is B2B?

Wikipedia defines B2B as… “Business-to-business (B2B) refers to a situation where one business makes a commercial transaction with another.”. My own definition of B2B goes further in terms of B2B marketing and B2B marketing communications.

B2B marketing, B2B communications, B2B exhibitions (trade shows) and B2B PR is essentially how one company effectively communicates with another company to do business, influence, engage, network, sell – business to business B2B). There is also B2C which is targetted ‘Business to Consumer/Customer’.

b2b-vs-b2cEffective B2B often requires a fully integrated approach that can sometimes be a PR-lead marketing campaign strategy to reach the right target audience to influence and engage.

To devise a B2B strategy requires an understanding of not only company products/services but essentially the key target audience in a compamny which may not always be so obvious.

For instance, one excellent UK engineering company I worked with and a top of the league in terms of engineering excellence in their sector was losing significant business to lesser rivals. They did not understand why with such superior products. Researching the client’s biggest potential customers I learned that key final purchasing decisions were not made by engineers and buyers but from the purchasing and finance departments. The key USPs and marketing messages needed to be based on value, longevity and return on investment – not technical superiority. I have numerous case studies where the key USPs to generating sales was misunderstood as the company was too product focused.

My B2B experience spans marketing and PR agencies as Senior Account Manager – industry as Publicity Manager with 2 major engineering and technology groups – and consultancy with over 150 UK and overseas companies across sectors – technology, engineering, IT, energy, renewables, utilities, construction, marine/offshore, oil/gas, pharmaceutical, healthcare, aviation, automotive, autoparts, autosport and many others – click here for my client portfolio

Mayer_110210-0241I have developed a proven fully integrated, cost efficient offline and online strategy for effective B2B marketing campaigns to generate business and sales leads, build brand profile and launch new companies that really works.